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Top 5 Benefits of Custom Home Designs

The home building process is fraught with difficult decisions. One of the earliest – and most important – of those decisions a homeowner must make is whether to build a pre-designed home or commission a custom home design.

Custom home designs allow families to get creative with their living spaces and ensure that the end result will meet the homeowners’ needs – including unusual ones. The following is a look at five benefits of custom house plans instead of choosing a pre-designed home plan.

1. Full design control. The custom home design process gives the homeowner complete control over every aspect of the house, from the size of the kitchen to the location of the bedrooms to the inclusion of unique spaces such as secret rooms, tunnels, room-sized aquariums and even basketball courts. While pre-designed house plans allow plenty of wiggle room for modifications, custom home designs offer the most flexibility.

2. Full budget control. Because the homeowner decides on every feature of the house, custom house plans also allow you to set your own budget – and stick to it.

3. Unique living space. Every custom home design  is created around a particular family. You are guaranteed that the home will accommodate all your personal tastes. Custom house plans ensure that the home will reflect the family’s personality and values as well as needs, too.

4. No buyer’s remorse. By carefully overseeing every aspect of the custom home design, homeowners can ensure the finished house will meet their personal standards of functionality, quality and aesthetic appeal.

5. The wow factor. Custom home designs allow designers to work with a specific landscape and its features, as well as with a client’s particular tastes, rather than creating a generic design that will work just about anywhere for just about anyone. For example, for a client who was building on an especially steep site at the coast, we were able to place ocean-view windows in every room of the house. This type of detail would not have been included in a pre-designed plan, yet it became one of the things the family loved most about their home.

Note: The home shown above is The Mercer House Plan 1327.