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Mascord Efficient Living

Mascord Efficient Living is a set of tools and resources to help you build a more energy efficient, sustainable and healthy home. Available for purchase with any plan from the entire Mascord collection, Mascord Efficient Living makes it easier than ever to build "green". In addition to setting the bar for your environmentally conscientious home, the Mascord Efficient Living package makes it a breeze to build "green" and also earn valuable green building certifications such as LEED®, NGBS™, or ENERGY STAR.

Why Build Green?

The construction and operation of homes in the U.S. is one of the largest contributors of energy consumption and environmentally harmful waste, and many people are looking carefully at the construction of their homes to allow lower energy bills, protect the environment and live healthier. These attitudes toward sustainable practices have created a large market demand for green homes.
As energy prices continue to rise, and educated through first hand experiences, news, and other media, the American public have become aware of how their lifestyles affect the environment. two-thirds of all homeowners are aware of green building.

Green homes benefits:

  • Better Construction = More Durable
  • Energy Efficiency = Cost Savings
  • Easier Maintenance = Less Work
  • Better Air Quality = A Healthier Environment
  • More Sustainable = Peace of Mind for your Family

Satisfaction with green homes is extremely high: over 85% of green home owners are likely to recommend a green home to others. • The total green building marketplace is expected to be worth up to $60 Billion by 2010 (one in ten new building starts) • In a struggling housing market, green features differentiate your home in the marketplace.

How to build with Mascord Efficient Living™

With the purchase of a Mascord Efficient Living package, you receive detailed drawings and notes, along with additional information which will ease you through the process of building your "green" home step-by-step.

Simply "Green"

Designed for those not pursuing a national certification, the basic Efficient Living notes and details meet or exceed guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as required for ENERGY STAR. These homes are at least 15% more energy efficient than homes built to the 2004 International Residential Code (IRC). In addition, notes and details specify site considerations, alternate building envelope systems, choices to improve energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor air quality, and methods of construction to meet sustainable practices. These details set the bar for your green home.

LEED for Homes

The LEED® Rating System is a nationally recognized standard for green building created and managed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Points are awarded for design and construction practices in 8 categories: Innovation and Design, Location and Linkages, Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Awareness and Education. LEED® for Homes™ certification comes in differing levels of complexity, ranging from 'Certified' to 'Platinum' depending on items implemented and points earned. The Efficient Living package contains notes and details specific to the LEED® for Homes™ certification path, options to earn extra points, and includes all forms, notices and paperwork required.

National Green Building Standard

The NGBS is the result of a cooperative effort between the National Association of Home Builders and the International Code Council. Points are awarded for design and construction practices in 6 categories: Lot Design and Preparation, Resource Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Operation, Maintenance and Owner Education. Awards range from 'Certified' to 'Emerald', depending on items implemented and points earned. The Efficient Living package contains notes and details to help you certify your home to the NAHB NGBS™ certification path. Online tools are available to help you calculate the points you will earn with your Mascord designed home.

Package Information:

What the package includes:

Notes and Details Sheets

We supply calculated specifications based on your particular home plan, notes and details to follow during construction, and quality management tools to ensure the result you require is communicated to your team. These plan pages describe, in detail, how to construct your home to meet your chosen green building standard. Specific details show how to construct your home with:

  • An efficient and tight building envelope through advanced wall, floor and roof systems that will discourage water intrusion, mold growth, and air infiltration.
  • High performing mechanical systems to save on utilities, keep the home comfortable in all seasons, and promote healthy indoor air quality.
  • Healthy, durable, and environmentally friendly materials on the inside and outside of the home.
  • Environmentally sensitive and respectful landscaping and site planning.
Project Information File

This supplemental information includes details about certification standards, your guide to using the Efficient Living plan set and achieving certification, forms to give vendors, sub-contractors, and officials; and information for the homeowner. In essence, everything you need to get your green home built and certified!


Initial package purchase price includes a one hour phone conference or personal meeting with a Mascord Efficient Living Support Team member to get you on track and to help answer any questions. Additional consultation is available for an additional fee.

Access to online information

Our Mascord Efficient Living website includes sections containing up-to-date product and information resources accessible to our builders and homeowners.

Listing on Mascord Efficient Living website

After completing your Mascord Efficient Living home, your project and details can be posted on our website. Showcase the project you are proud of, and builders - let consumers know you are available for green building construction projects!

Plus, the Mascord Efficient Living Hardback Book and CD Rom!

With your first package purchase, we include a copy of the Mascord Efficient Living book and accompanying CD. With the foreword written by acclaimed author Sarah Susanka, this book provides an overview of the theories, philosophies and reasons behind green building, things to consider when building a sustainable home, and tips for living in one thereafter.

This book also includes a CD Rom featuring:
  • Google™ Sketch Up software, for customizable 3D kitchen plans
  • 3D kitchen models featuring the Digital Green™ Portfolio and Google 3D Warehouse interactive features
  • Access and support for required forms for green building certification
  • Access to over 500 more efficient house plans