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House Plan of the Week | The Avondale: Craftsman-style Ranch House Plan with Stone Accents

April 21, 2014

The Avondale Craftsman-style Ranch House Plans 1149CYou want it all: A beautiful home with a flexible floor plan that can gracefully support you into your golden years. This week’s featured house plan, the Avondale, is the perfect fit! These ranch house plans with Craftsman styling are single-story, making them perfect for aging in place. Stonework foundations and multiple gables add visual interest to the Avondale’s façade, while copious windows in back make for rear-oriented, indoor/outdoor living, a mainstay of ranch style home plans. You get the best of both worlds: The comfort of a ranch with the beauty of a Craftsman. Let ...

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7 Cool House Plans with Cute Rooms for Kids

April 10, 2014

The Iverson House Plan 2387When browsing home plans, what features do you prioritize? If you’re a parent, chances are that your kids’ needs pop to mind almost before your own! For children’s bedrooms, we like to see natural light, bright colors, and practical storage. Here we present cute kids rooms, culled from interiors of Mascord house plans. We believe in flexible floor plans that support a growing family and its changing needs; the house plans below feature bedrooms that will serve any child well, from infancy to adulthood.

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House Plan of the Week | The Freewater: Spacious Narrow House Plans with Craftsman Charm

March 24, 2014

House Plan 22200: The FreewaterThis week’s featured Mascord home, The Freewater, falls into the “narrow house plans” category. It’s 35 feet wide across and 56 feet deep, with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths.

These two-story home plans feature split bedrooms, a den, a loft, an office, and a spacious two-car garage. The Freewater’s Craftsman-lodge style compliments outdoor views and promotes indoor/outdoor living whether you’re in the city or the country.

Beginning our tour of The Freewater, we enter through a covered front porch with enough space for seating. A two-story foyer makes for a stunning entrance. To the ...

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Home Plan Designs that Let in the Light

March 8, 2014

Aurea House Plan 2453Every spring, people in most industrialized nations set their clocks an hour forward in the spring, and an hour back in the fall. Early proponents of daylight savings promoted it as a way to save energy on evening incandescent lighting, but modern research shows no real energy savings accruing from the practice. Many seasonal businesses support daylight savings as a way to allow more lit hours after the workday. But those of us who struggle with time adjustments can fill in the downsides: Missed meetings, disrupted sleep patterns, and record keeping complexities.

Regardless of how one feels about daylight savings ...

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10 Home Plans with Sensational Staircases

March 4, 2014

The Aurea Home Plan 2453Scarlett O’Hara first caught sight of Rhett Butler when descending the grand staircase of Twelve Oaks when Gone With the Wind debuted in 1939. Joe Pesci’s character got a face full of paint cans on the stairs in the 1990 hit Home Alone. As we well know, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as a grand entrance (or exit). That’s why we’ve decided to feature some of our gorgeous home plans with staircases that would fit seamlessly into any Hollywood movie. From staircases with hand-crafted Mission-style posts to modern designs with custom stained-glass landings, we’re ...

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American Families & Multigenerational Home Plans: A Changing Household [Infographic]

February 25, 2014

Did you know that about 1/6th of America’s population live in multigenerational households? Families cite many benefits when choosing this arrangement, from economic benefits to maintaining closer connections with family members. In this Infographic we explore America’s shift toward multigenerational living as well as the many beneficial features included within multigenerational home plans. offers a variety of multigenerational home plans that include features such as dual master suites on the main floor, shared living areas and much more!

Multigenerational Home Plans Infographic

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The Design Versatility of Ranch House Plans

February 25, 2014

 Plan 1232 The Garrett Ranch Home PlansAbout 90% of American houses built in the 1950s were ranches, or ramblers as they’re sometimes known. That had dropped to 80% by the 1970s, and for a while it seemed ranch house plans’ popularity was a thing of the past. But today, these expansive single level homes are regaining popularity, for many reasons. The very traits that builders have derided in the past are turning out to be great design assets. For instance, the simplicity of design in ranch style house plans was sometimes thought of as being “too plain,” but this characteristic turns out to provide real ...

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House Plan of the Week |The Willowcreek – Narrow Craftsman House Plans That Live Large

February 12, 2014

 Plan 22200B The Willowcreek Craftsman Home PlanThis week’s featured Willowcreek house plans are just 35’ across—perfect for the narrow lots often available in today’s cities. Yet despite its svelte profile, the Willowcreek feels spacious inside, thanks to plenty of natural light and an open floor plan. Craftsman home plan details are sprinkled throughout Willowcreek, including multi-paned windows and plenty of built-in storage. Join us on a tour of these stunning home plans.

As we approach the Willowcreek, we spot plenty of Craftsman exterior details: Natural stone and shingle siding accents, gabled roofs, a covered front entry supported by columns, a partially paned front ...

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15 House Plans with Gorgeous Master Suites

February 4, 2014

The Rivendell Manor Home Plan 2470When it comes to a master suite, homeowners want a relaxing retreat to unwind in. Here we present 15 luxury suites that offer a spa-like feel. The master suites of these home plans feature fireplaces, walls of windows, convenient patios and so much more. We believe that master suites should feel like a getaway after a long day, and our home plans are designed with this in mind. We invite you to take a pictorial tour of some of our favorite posh master retreats!

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5 Kitchen Design Elements of Small Cottage House Plans

January 29, 2014

The Rivendell Manor Cottage House Plan 2470The kitchen is the heart of any home. Just think of how many parties you’ve been to where everyone ended up congregating in the kitchen—despite plenty of room elsewhere. Even in small cottage house plans, the kitchen has this same magnetizing effect. So, it’s important to have a charming kitchen where you and your guests can really unwind. Let’s take a look at some of the delightful design elements often found in the kitchens of small house plans.

Small Home Plan Spotlight: Cottage Kitchen Features

Cottage kitchens are unpretentious and cozy. They exemplify the termshabby chic ...

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House Plan of the Week | The Westfall – Ranch House Plans for the Northwest

January 17, 2014

The Westfall Ranch House Plans 1250Combine the best in Craftsman and Ranch style house plans, and you end up with The Westfall. This elegant home boasts a welcoming columned front porch (very Craftsman) as well as a floor plan that lives to the backyard (in true Ranch style). If you’re looking for a comfortable yet breathtaking home where you can entertain guests or just enjoy the view off your own back porch, look no further. Let’s take a tour of this lovely home.

We enter through a gracious covered front porch that has enough space to sit and watch rainstorms. A three bay ...

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15 Updated Craftsman House Plan Interiors

January 10, 2014

The Copper Falls Craftsman Home Plan 2458There’s nothing like the warmth and charm of original Craftsman home plans, from the clean lines and natural design motifs to the shared living spaces and detailed craftsmanship. Here we share some gorgeous pictures of new Craftsman-style homes that offer all the charm of the Arts and Crafts style, as well as updated floor plan layouts and modern conveniences perfect for the 21st century family.

Looking for a Craftsman-style home plan that has all the warmth of the Arts and Crafts style as well as a convenient and livable modern layout? We invite you to view our Craftsman home ...

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House Plan of the Week |The Nehalem: Small House Plans with Craftsman Style & Charm

January 7, 2014

Craftsman Home Plans 2185AC: The NehalemThe Nehalem is a set of cozy Craftsman home plans that can grow and shrink with your family. Although these small house plans are just 1966 square feet total, they feel spacious for families of all sizes. With a master suite on the main floor, The Nehalem is ideal for aging in place. During child rearing years, three upstairs bedrooms provide plenty of accommodations. Should a boomerang child or aging parent need a place to stay, you’ll always have the space in the Nehalem. Let’s take a tour of this home.

Three gables and a covered porch supported ...

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House Plan of the Week |The Norcutt: Contemporary House Plans Offer Amazing Amenities

January 3, 2014

Contemporary Home Plans 1410: The NorcuttAs in the best California ranch house plans, the Norcutt’s most noticeable quality is its fenestration. Its ceilings hug asymmetrical rooflines, allowing designers more places to include windows, and creating a strong indoor/outdoor connection. Let’s take a tour of this gorgeous contemporary house plan.

Perfect for a sloped lot, the Norcutt appears to be a one-story home from the front, but it actually features a second lower story that hugs the hillside. Wood, glass, stone, and metal—all of these natural materials star in the Norcutt’s exterior. On the right side: a two-bay garage with space ...

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How to Preserve Your Historic Craftsman House Plan

December 30, 2013

Craftsman Home Plans 1169A: The PasadenaOwn a Craftsman home? Consider yourself lucky, because Craftsman house plans make truly beautiful homes. However, keeping them up does require plenty of research and dedication. This blog discusses how to honor a Craftsman’s unique interior and exterior features. Whether you’re remodeling your home or looking to add historical accuracy to a set of new Craftsman home plans, we’ve got you covered.  

Here are a few ways to preserve a historic Craftsman home plan while honoring its unique history at the same time.

Replace fixtures (knobs, molding, doors, etc.) with parts that match the period. This holds ...

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An Inside Look at the Differences in Modern & Contemporary House Plans

December 20, 2013

Contemporary Home Plans 1333: The BroadwayIt’s not easy to distinguish between modern and contemporary house plans, but it is possible. Overall, architectural experts see contemporary styling as anything that’s rooted in the present design moment. In contrast, the modern style was a response to styles prevalent during the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s. Thus, modern homes are typically found after the turn of the Century, and before the start of the 1950s.

In this sense, the use of the word "contemporary" can never really be restricted to a single style. Similarly, that which is "modern" is represented by multiple styles as well ...

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House Plan of the Week |The Lincoln: Single-story, Craftsman House Plans

December 17, 2013

Craftsman House Plans 1245C: The LincolnThe Lincoln Craftsman house plans are thoughtfully designed, with plenty of built-in storage. This home also has exceptional flow—family members will find it easy to negotiate space in this elegant 2,368 square foot home. As we begin our imaginative tour of the home, we begin at the stunning façade. Staggered gables greet us and add curb appeal. A deep covered front porch makes for a protected entrance. On the left is a 3-bay garage; on the right, a gable with two multi-paned windows. We walk through the central front door, and into the foyer with its 9-foot ...

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Small Cottage House Plans Embrace a Warm and Welcoming Style

December 13, 2013

Small Cottage Home Plans 1156: The StuartWhen you imagine your dream home, do you see a cozy cottage with a white picket fence and perhaps a cat curled up in the front window? You’re not alone. Plenty of homeowners prefer small cottage house plans to other home styles. In this post, we explore what qualifies a small home plan to be categorized as a cottage. We also look at the type of person who is likely to fall in love with this style.

Although cottage-style housing goes back to the Middle Ages—a cottage was originally the home where a cotter, or peasant, lived—these ...

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20 Home Plans with a Great Indoor/Outdoor Connection

December 11, 2013

The Brunswick Contemporary House Plan 2466Today’s homeowners crave home plans that feature an indoor/outdoor connection, which allows them to not only bring the outside in, but to enjoy additional living space as well. Today we’re featuring 20 Mascord home plans that feature this much desired connection!

These home plans embrace natural light by incorporating side-by-side windows, offer covered patios off the dining areas and living spaces, and much more. Want your house plan design to blend seamlessly with the natural environment? Looking for a home plan that takes advantage of natural light without compromising privacy? You can find the house plan of ...

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House Plan of the Week |The Caldersyke: Fifties Modern Contemporary House Plans

December 11, 2013

The Caldersyke Contemporary House Plans 21135Today’s society seems to be obsessed with the 1950s and 60s. We eagerly gobble up new episodes of Mad Men. The skinny tie and trousers are back. And contemporary house plans are often constructed with a nod to the middle part of the last century. Sometimes called Mid-Century Modern or Fifties Modern, these homes convey the sleek styling and asymmetrical rooflines that first appeared in the Eisenhower administration. This week’s featured house plan, the Caldersyke, combines the Fifties Modern style with modern amenities. Let’s take an imaginative tour of this beautiful home.

An architect would say that ...

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