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Mascord House Plan B21133: The Darlington

The Darlington

Plan 21133 Basement Details

  • 1925 SqFt
    +475 Bonus
  • 3 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1 Pwdr
  • 3 Floors
  • No Garage

Main Floor Plan

Main Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan

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Home Details

Heated Space

  • Upper Floor

    849 SqFt
  • Main Floor

    1076 SqFt
  • Sub-Total

    1925 SqFt
  • Bonus

    + 475 SqFt
  • Bsmnt (Unfin.)

    + 984 SqFt

Beds and Baths

  • Bedrooms

  • Full Baths

  • Half Baths

  • Floors


Exterior Dimensions


  • Garage Bays

    No Garage
  • Garage Location

  • Garage Orientation



  • Roof Framing

  • Roof Material

    Shake/Comp Roof
  • Snowload

    25 lb/sf
  • Wall Framing

    2 x 6
  • Main Roof Pitch


A Walk Through The Darlington

Everyone needs a place to get away. If your idea of a perfect getaway is somewhere on the coast, then the Darlington is perfectly suited to your needs. Build on a rise overlooking the ocean, and each day, you’ll be able to sit out on the back patio and watch the waves roll in as the salty breeze whispers through the pines around your home.

When the weather turns chilly, your new favorite haunt will be the Darlington’s kitchen, living and dining area. Windows along the rear and side of the home will give you an excellent view of the snow-covered pines and the endless ocean. With a fire roaring in the fireplace, you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy a peaceful winter on the coast. Once dinnertime rolls around, you and the rest of your family can gather in the kitchen for a hearty bowl of clam chowder. You’ll have more than enough counter space to not only prepare this hearty dish, but also to make a batch of flaky biscuits and a fresh tossed salad.

Home-based entrepreneurs — or even people that enjoy a neat, organized space to take care of bills and other day-to-day tasks — will love the Darlington’s home office. Keep your files and office supplies in the built-in cabinets, then add a wraparound desk and bookshelves to make yourself feel at home. As you work throughout the day, the sunlight streaming through the front and side windows will help keep you refreshed, alert and on-task.

The Darlington’s upper floor is a compact, yet well-designed space. You’ll find two bedrooms for the kids (each with their own closets), a convenient linen closet at the end of the hall, and a full bathroom.

The rear half of the Darlington’s upper floor is devoted to the master suite, a restful, relaxing space that you’ll look forward to visiting each night. The master bedroom features windows along one side and along the rear wall, which lets you enjoy the moonlight as you drift off and the fresh sunshine when you awaken. And, if you dread the hustle and bustle of weekday mornings, you’ll come to love how the master bathroom and walk-in closet streamline your daily routine. His-and-hers sinks means no bumping elbows as you and your partner brush your teeth. In the closet, shelving and three walls of clothing racks makes it easy to pick out an outfit and the coordinating accessories.


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The base code requires that the design of your structure meet certain requirements. The code allows for a couple of ways to meet these requirements. The first method is known as "prescriptive" wall bracing, and is built into the code as prescribed building elements that must be included at specified positions of the building. Prescriptive methods are acceptable as long as the structure's design fits within certain limitations (wall height, window size/location, etc.). The second method is to demonstrate, by engineering analysis, the forces imposed upon the structure, and the design of structural elements to withstand those forces. Whereas the prescriptive method imposes certain limitations on the design of the structure, the engineering analysis of the building allows for greater flexibility in the design, while ensuring it can withstand the actual natural forces the structure will experience.

In almost all cases, Mascord designs will require site specific engineering analysis. This analysis is required to be conducted by a professional, such as a structural engineer, who is licensed by the state in which the structure will be built. The analysis is specific to the exact building site - for this reason, we do not have "pre-engineered" plans that can be built anywhere. An engineer will need to review the plans and provide an engineering analysis report and additional drawings and specifications to go along with your plans for permit submittal. You should allow for additional time and expense to complete this process.

Some regions have additional engineering requirements, such as earthquake-prone areas of California and the Pacific Northwest, or the Gulf, Florida, & Carolina coasts that are frequented by hurricanes. Additional Wind and Seismic engineering drawings are required to accompany your home plans to obtain a building permit in most areas. These additional drawings need to be provided and stamped by a professional licensed in your state. In most cases we have working relationships established with engineers who can help you obtain the necessary drawings cost effectively, or you are welcome to source your own local engineer.

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