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Marketing Your Home

Are you selling a Mascord designed home, or looking to develop an empty lot? We have some tools and resources which may help!

Whether you've finished construction and are listing your home for sale or are looking for images to promote construction and development services you offer, we have some fantastic resources to help you market your Mascord designed home.

Material for Published Plans:

Published plans are plans which appear on this website and are actively marketed by us. Renderings and floor plan images for these designs have been developed prior to use and should be available for inclusion in the following products more-or-less immediately.

MLS Listing Images

Digital Image Files

Pre-formatted 640x480 jpeg images of the front rendering, floor plan marketing graphics, and rear elevation (if there is one) of most of our published designs are available free-of-charge to Realtors who include themselves on our mailing list. Sign up today to get your link to our complete library. You can't beat free.

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High Resolution Graphic Files

Digital Image FilesColor digital graphic files of renderings, and seperate B&W marketing floor plan graphics supplied in JPG and PDF formats respectively. JPG color rendering images are approximately 3000 pixels wide, which looks great on billboards, posters and flyers. PDF floor plan graphics are scalable vector files, great for any size enlargement. They also come with a transparent background which makes them ideal for putting on custom flyers. Your graphic designer will love you for providing them with these high quality files!

$30 (included with Membership)

Sales Flyers

Custom FlyersWe offer FREE PDF flyers for our published designs which you can download directly from the applicable plan page on this site. However, a custom flyer can help you stand out from the crowd! Provide us with a logo, contact details, and any additional information you want to show on your flyers, and we can lay out a design for you. The approved design is delivered as an 8 1/2" x 11" Print Quality PDF file, which can be sent out for professional printing or reproduced on your own printing equipment.

$50 ($25 for Members)

Large Format Wall Posters

Wall PostersCustom large format posters are ideal for hanging in Model Homes, Corporate Offices, or even at site locations. Provide us with a logo, contact details and any additional information you want to show on your posters, and we can lay out the design you select. Your print ready master file will be delivered in a PDF file format, featuring a large rendering, floor plan graphic and any additional information you furnish.

$150 ($100 for Members)

Material for Unpublished or Custom Designs:

If you're building a Mascord home which has been modified from the original version or have had a Mascord design created for you from scratch, we'd recommend you have graphics created which accurately represent your home.

Custom Renderings and Floor Plan Graphics

Digital Image FilesA B&W marketing floor plan graphic that correctly depicts your custom or modified Mascord home plan can be created for only $50.

Full color 3D renderings range in price starting at $325, with final cost dependant on the size and complexity of the home and landscape depicted. Want to go further? Take a look at some of the great 360 degree renderings on this site - they really show a home well, and will help make that sale quickly! High resolution Front, Rear and full 360 degree animation packages start at only $450.

From $50 and up - Call To Discuss