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5 Great House Plans for Green Thumbs
In honor of today being 4-20 and with Oregon having the legal rights to grow whatever (mostly) you would like - here are five house plans for the horticulturally inclined!
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Players.. are you Ready?
Ready Player One hits screens this week, and with it, Earnest Cline & visionary master Steven Spielberg take us on a journey through virtual reality and play homage to 80's nostalgia throughout the film, which mirrors the passion we've seen some of our clients show towards decorating their homes to reflect their love for their favorite era. Here's just a few ideas we've seen for decorating your home in a unique style that reflects your chosen pop culture passions and heritage.
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Building the Ultimate Zombie Fortress
Survive the zombie apocalypse in style - The nation's best home design company shows you how to design a fortress for armageddon.
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Now You Really Can Build Your Dream Home Today!
Build a full quarter inch scale model of a REAL home design! Choose from four designs of varying degree of difficulty - and see how your dream home looks today. Love the home? Buy the plans and BUILD IT FOR REAL!
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We're Putting the Pedal to the Metal - Literally!
The Disturbed Racing team's Top Alcohol Funny Car, co-owned by Alan Mascord, is figuratively and literally hitting the ground running, having had several successful test runs ahead of a tough first racing season ahead of them.
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5 Great House Plan Features That Your Dad WIll Love
Awesome Dads are great at delivering on all the things kids and mothers want. Smart Kitchens, playrooms, trampolines... but what does Dad say when you ask him what he wants?
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