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Design Awards and Industry Recognition
We don't like to bang our own drum, but there are many times where others bang it for us! We decided we should honor those that honor us, and those that have participated in our award winning endeavors. Here's a selection of the awards we have been honored to receive over the years...
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Recent Testimonials from Satisfied Clients
Kind words from satisfied customers. Nothing makes us more proud than hearing from clients that we've loved working with. Join the growing list today!
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Privacy Policy
Mascord Privacy Policy document. Basically: We appreciate our clients' need for privacy, and are careful not to collect and use it unless necessary for a purchase transaction.
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Plan Packages - Which Do You Need?
We have packages available to meet your current needs whatever stage you're at in choosing a design for your home, and when you're ready to build, the right package to meet the requirements of your construction team.
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What Else You Might Need to Submit for Building Permits
A detailed look at documents that may be required, in addition to the working drawings, in order to meet codes and obtain the building permit for your new home.
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Before You Meet With a Designer
Thank you for your interest in having Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc., design your new home. To make your first designer meeting productive, we'd like you to gather up the following information and bring it with you:
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Making Modifications to Your Chosen Design provides you with a home that best suits your needs; balancing style with function—aesthetic with practicality. Occasionally, predesigned plans may not meet your specific criteria. Find out about our modification services, creating the perfect custom home.
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Who We Are
Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc. masters the art of balancing of architectural perfection with the need to be practical. We are committed to making your experience of designing and building a home an easy one by providing a wide range of home styles and home design services
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Custom Home Design Services can make your dream home come to life with creative home design services that will make your home as unique as you.
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What's Included in a Plan Set?
Each set of home plans that offers will provide you with all the necessary information to build your home. Our plans come detailed to meet the latest International Residential Code, and include gravity loading calcs and beam specifications as needed for the home's design.
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Copyright Information
Copyright information pertaining to house plan designs and architectural services from Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc.
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