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An Inside Look at Craftsman House Plans [Infographic]
This infographic examines the many beloved interior features of Craftsman house plans. Learn more about the Arts & Crafts movement, Craftsman home features and take a look at one of Mascord's Craftsman-style home plans, the Halstad.
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American Families & Multigenerational Home Plans: A Changing Household [Infographic]
In this Infographic we explore America’s shift toward multigenerational living and multigenerational home plans.
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The Ins & Outs of Contemporary Home Design [Infographic]
Contemporary house plans are rising in popularity. This infographic examines the contemporary home plan and includes information on design elements and layout.
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The Rise of Small House Plans [Infographic]
This infographic outlines America's small house movement and illustrates what will be trending for new home plans in 2015.
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Modernization of the Ranch House Plan [Infographic]
This infographic illustrates the how the clean and elegant Mid-Century Modern home style has developed from the early ranch house plan.
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What Makes a Craftsman Home? [Infographic]
This infographic illustrates the telltale features of a Craftsman home, with some history on how this popular home plan style developed.
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Top House Plan Styles by State [Infographic]
Top House Plan Styles by State: Throughout the U.S., the prevailing architectural style can vary from region to region – although not as much as you might expect. The Craftsman home is not only popular across all age groups, but it remains a top choice from one end of the country to the other.
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