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4 Tips for Working with a Buyer’s Real Estate Agent
If you’ve read 'Use These 3 Tips to Find a Great Realtor!', then you know how to find the right buyer’s agent. But how do you maximize their effectiveness? The following tips will show you how to build a great working relationship so that you can streamline your search for the perfect piece of property to build your house.
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Use These 3 Tips to Find a Great Realtor!
Good realtors need to be good communicators or they need to be ready with a list of comparable homes or lots in the area should you request it. The fact is that these are things all real estate agents should be able to do! The good ones, however, will take things a step farther.
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How Do Builders Price New Homes?
There are two types of contracts that builders use - “fixed price” and “cost-plus.” We’ll show you the details of both so that you can make the right choice
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Selling a Home? Plan Your Staging for the Season!
When selling a home, plan your staging for the season. Here we offer helpful interior and exterior staging tips for sellers.
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Are you a Realtor?
Registered Realtors gain instant access to our library of pre-formatted images for listing on the MLS. Simply register for your Mascord ID and download MLS images from link provided on our plan pages.
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Short Sale Marketing Tactics for Realtors
Short sale marketing can be a tough call for an in experienced person. He/she may even be bombarded with informative tips and suggestions from friends and well-wishers. To generate great short sale marketing leads one need to put their myriad ideas into action.
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