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Our goal is to provide you with a home that best suits your needs; balancing style with function — aesthetic with practicality. This is an expression of our corporate mission — the Practical Pursuit of Perfection. With each and every client, we work hard to pursue that perfect balance.

When you come to Mascord Design to find your dream home, the process begins with a search of our vast archive of existing stock designs — projects we’ve created for other clients. Often, we find just the right match in a design that already exists, saving considerable time and money. Through this process, our sales staff asks specific questions and conducts detailed searches — presenting you with all the available options as the quest continues.

Once we’ve exhausted the search of our stock plan archives and still haven’t found the perfect design, the next step is to consider revising an existing plan. We generate several hundred new designs each year through precisely this ‘plan modification’ process — it is the source of the majority of plans in our archive. Although additional fees and time will be required in order to modify the plan, the result will be a home tailored to your needs at a mere fraction of the ‘from scratch’ custom design cost.

Some common factors that make a plan modification project more likely are:

  • Unusual building site conditions (significantly sloped terrain or poor soil conditions)
  • Restrictive building setbacks or height restrictions
  • Unique architectural program needs
  • Non–standard construction techniques/materials

The majority of the time, any of these criteria can be accommodated though our plan modification process. The outcome will be as beautiful as any custom designed home.

Plan modifications, sometimes referred to by our staff as plan ‘options,’ are often a great way to go because these modifications are based upon plans which have already been proven through the construction process; unanticipated issues during permitting and construction are far less likely to occur. And since we have an excellent stock plan design to serve as our starting point, the cost savings over starting from a blank sheet can be quite significant — not to mention the savings in time.

modified version of Plan 1231

There is a balancing point to consider when evaluating whether a stock plan modification project is the correct avenue. Sometimes the costs and time required to make extensive changes to an existing design approach the cost of a custom design. In this instance, it may be more practical to create a completely new design. Though typically more expensive up front, custom designs often address tricky and costly site conditions more effectively, holding construction costs down while optimizing the final design to take best advantage of your site, views and design goals. Before proceeding, our staff will help you to evaluate all of your options and, if you choose to modify an existing design, provide a detailed estimate of the time and cost involved before making the desired modifications to the plans.

Please call 800 411 0231 today to talk to us about making your plan perfect.

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