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Outdoor Living

Why Outdoor Living Areas are Replacing the Traditional Front Porch
An outdoor living space is just as nice as a front porch when it comes to spending time with your family. However, since this space is to the rear of a home, it affords you more privacy and security than a front porch.
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20 Home Plans with a Great Indoor/Outdoor Connection
Today’s homeowners crave home plans that feature an indoor/outdoor connection, which allows them to not only bring the outside in, but to enjoy additional living space as well.
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Best Practices for Adding a Deck to Your Single-story House Plan
For homeowners of single story house plans, a deck can add usable space while bringing a respectable ROI. If you’re thinking of adding a deck to your single story house plan, keep the following tips in mind.
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Holistic Home Plan Design: Matching Your Interior & Exterior Styles
Proportion, rhythm, creating a focal point—these are the kinds of considerations that interior designers and architects obsess over in a home plan. Today we’re covering a universal and timeless design tenet: Unity between interior and exterior styles.
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5 Gorgeous Small House Plans with an Indoor/Outdoor Connection
Small house plans feel spacious with a strong indoor/outdoor connection. Take a look at five of our most popular and beautiful small house plans. Each of these home plans offers a unique spin on the outdoor living trend that continues to enjoy popularity among homeowners.
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Outdoor Living Spaces: Beautiful Design Ideas
As a leading designer of build-ready home plans, we’ve developed quite an eye for what makes the perfect outdoor living area. Read on to learn more!
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