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Display Your Green Proudly This St Patricks Day!
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, it's time to display your green with pride! Let's take a look at who is building green and what green innovations they are using. Which States are the Greenest States? What Green Building Innovations are Most Common?
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Make the Most of Daylight Savings TIme
Daylight savings time is almost upon us, and that means a few things for the staff here at AMDA. None of us are particularly thrilled with the idea of losing an hour of sleep, but on the bright side, this is the perfect time to think about springtime and sunshine! :)
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Which Green Home Plan Improvements Really Pay Off?
Which green improvements will increase your enjoyment while also maximizing your home’s value? Find out which updates are best for your home plan.
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Net Zero Home Plans a Reality
Net zero homes are not merely a thing of the future; indeed, any house can be transformed into a net zero home with some investment and advanced energy technology. Find out more!
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Green Guest House Plans Provide a Warm Welcome
Learn more about the many advantages of green guest house plans, like durability, cost savings and much more.
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The Importance of Durability in Green House Plans
For eco-friendly homeowners, green living is a way of life. For those looking for green house plans, here’s how to build a sustainable house design with minimal carbon footprint.
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Green Features to Consider for Your Custom Home Design
If you like to live green, consider including eco-friendly features into a custom home design. Here are the top features to include in green custom house plans.
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Common Features in Efficient Living House Plans
If you're considering going green with sustainable house design, here are the common features of green house plans.
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Green House Plans: Benefits of LEED Certification
Concerning environmental standards, the sustainable home design field has an effective system for rating green house plans: LEED certification. Here are the benefits.
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Mascord Efficient Living offers a set of tools and resources to help you build a more energy efficient, sustainable and healthy home. Whether you're planning to build a new home or remodeling your current home, the efficient living package makes it a breeze to build green.
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High Performance at Zero Cost
When evaluating systems to incorporate into your green home, it is easy to get caught up in direct cost comparisons of similar products. For instance, it is easy to compare the costs of an 80% and 90% efficient gas furnace. There are up-front costs, and then there are operating costs. Even though the 90% furnace will undoubtedly cost less in the long run, the extra up-front costs can often be disillusioning.
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An Interesting Geometric Solar Home
I'm always interested in seeing what ideas builders and designers come up with, and how they implement some of the more fun elements of building science - and this example certainly caught my eye. Built in Wisconsin by designer Shane Black, the home uses solar thermal panels to heat a bed of sand beneath the house, keeping the interior temperature comfortable throughout the year.
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Solar Water Heaters
Increasing incentives and product options abound, so solar thermal water heaters offer one of the fastest paybacks in the solar world. Of the may types available, implementing different technologies, one of my favorites continues to be vacuum tube type systems, like this kit from Kingspan.
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Green? By What Standards?
I was recently at a meeting between local leaders, discussing how the newly released National Green Building Standard (NGBS) fits in with existing state and city level green building programs and incentives. There were a number of interested parties involved, including builders, designers, local utility companies, performance testers, city departments and state non-profits. I was extremely happy that we had such a wide range of perspectives present; the conversation was most interesting and I’d like to quickly share some of the thoughts that came from the group.
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