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Mascord House Plans on Apple TV
Mascord House Plans for Apple TV brings the Mascord collection of house plans to your living room! Browse fantastic designs, stunning photography and full screen images with your family and choose the right design to build.
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The Future Is Now!
It's official - we live in *the future*! October 21st, 2015 is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrive, to save Marty's kids from a life of crime in the movie Back to The Future 2. Of course, as home designers, we're interested to see what came to be from those "predictions" which were made almost 30 years ago - so let's take a look!
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AMDA Celebrates John Yeon & Northwest Modernist Architecture
Portland, Oregon architect John Yeon (1910-1994) had no formal architectural education, yet his style has influenced and inspired modern home plans across the country, and particularly in the Pacific Northwest.
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In Urban Areas Small Lots Don't Mean Small Home Plans
In cities across the country, small home plans are being constructed on narrow lots, particularly infill properties in-between other buildings. Read on to learn more about this trend!
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Understand The Big Picture: Efficient Construction from Design to Completion
Curious about building a new home and have questions about how it can all come together seamlessly and efficiently? Join Alan Mascord Design Associates, Quail Homes and many of their top vendors at the Portland Home & Garden Show Feb. 20-24 at the Portland Expo Center.
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Small House Plans Deliver Big Value in 2013
The pendulum of house size preference seems to be swinging back toward the smaller, more ingeniously designed house plan. Read on to learn more.
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Top House Plan Styles by State [Infographic]
Top House Plan Styles by State: Throughout the U.S., the prevailing architectural style can vary from region to region – although not as much as you might expect. The Craftsman home is not only popular across all age groups, but it remains a top choice from one end of the country to the other.
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Check Out Our Home Designs at the Spring Home & Garden Show!
This year’s Spring Home & Garden Show is coming up! If you’re looking for home construction ideas, we’ll be showcasing our custom home designs and house plans.
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Alan Mascord Design Gets a Technology Makeover
Alan Mascord Design Associates is a leading designer of home plans, and just received a technology upgrade from Autodesk to deliver house plans more efficiently.
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When Carpenters Get Bored
Home builders are often more talented than clients give them credit for. Look at these amazing carvings created from carpenters' pencils! With such attention to detail, one can only imagine what a full house will look like! :-)
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Supporting Tomorrow's Home Builders Today
It all starts in the classroom. Getting a good understanding of how a home is put together is paramount for anybody heading into construction - and who better to help them understand than those in the industry currently? We are proud to support Oregon City High School with materials needed to provide a hands-on learning experience, and are wonderfully pleased at the job these students do in producing scale versions of the homes we have designed. Great job!
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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition Empowers Freelance Designers to Join Tablet Publishing Revolution
“Working with Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite allowed us to turn our print catalog into a rich, interactive digital magazine without disrupting our existing workflow,” said Gary Higginbotham, director of marketing, Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc., a Portland, Oregon-based residential design firm. “With Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, it’s even simpler for a small business to reach out to customers in exciting, affordable ways.”
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