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A Look at Home Designs: Contemporary House Plans

Consumers looking to build a home are increasingly choosing contemporary house plans over traditional house plans. If you feel constricted by the rules, boundaries and definitions of a traditional house plan, why not consider modern house plans designed around the principles of light and space?

Contemporary home plans come in a variety of styles, from single to multiple stories, so you can tailor the modern aesthetic to your family’s needs. To get a feel for what constitutes a contemporary home design, here’s a look at some of the features commonly found in contemporary house plans:

Large windows. Contemporary house plans tend to have larger windows and sometimes even entire walls made of glass. This feature lets in more natural light, saving homeowners money on energy bills.

High ceilings. Modern house plans champion an open, airy feel. To this end, they typically have high ceilings, which create the illusion of space without the expense of added square feet.

Shapes and angles. Bold, geometric shapes and unique angles are mainstays of contemporary home plans, contributing to their more modern aesthetics. Such features as asymmetrical designs and non-traditional rooflines imbue modern house plans with a grand and innovative spirit.

Construction and materials. Modern house plans give builders the freedom to use a broader selection of materials and construction breakthroughs. Energy-efficient materials, minimalist design aesthetics and using alternate materials in place of expensive traditional materials (such as stonework) helps to minimize costs.

Flexibility. With a contemporary house plan, you aren't boxed into designated space names or room functions. Your rooms can be adapted and repurposed for whatever use you want because their designs invite multiple interpretations.

Whether you're interested in contemporary home plans for the light, the space, or the aesthetics- modern house plans will help you achieve your goals. No matter your tastes or budget, you can find a modern house plan with the features that work best for your lifestyle.

Note: The home shown above is The Mercer House Plan 1327.