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Romantic House Plans: How to Build the Perfect Love Nest

In his book The Dirty Half Dozen: Six Radical Rules to Make Relationships Last, psychiatrist William Nagler condenses years of counseling and research to conclude that one thing helps relationships last: “The ability to feel relaxed together.” As designers of house plans, we couldn’t agree more!

Our design experience supports Dr. Nagler’s idea that couples who can relax together can get along better. Of course, there are many factors that influence a relationship’s “comfort factor.” Behavior patterns, empathy and social intelligence are just a few ingredients we won’t discuss here – there are plenty of self-help books on those topics. Instead, we’ll zoom in on how to design floor plans that will keep you and your honey-pie comfortable. Some of our ideas for home plans will even help fan the flame of your romance, keeping the spark alive for years to come!

Here are our top house design ideas for creating a relaxing, romantic love nest.

1. His-and-hers sinks, closets, nightstands, etc.

In order for love to last, each partner must feel both connected to and independent from his or her spouse. Share too much and you’re bordering on co-dependency. Share too little and you’ll soon lose interest in each other.

From a design perspective, “his-and-hers” features are an excellent tool for creating a balanced relationship. Instead of fighting over bathroom time, you’ll each have your own space for personal hygiene if you include side-by-side sinks in your home plans. We all need to feel that we have our own space, even when our love is strong enough to make us think we could truly merge with our beloved. Personal closets, sinks, nightstands and so forth create relationship equality from the ground up – so be sure to include dual features whenever possible in your floor plans.

2. Master bath with a Jacuzzi, and other built-in romance fodder.

To design house plans that will keep your love alive, think about which activities you like to do together. For instance, if taking a bath together makes your hearts pitter-patter with joy, why not include a Jacuzzi tub in the master bath of your house plans? Here are a few more design elements that might make the sparks fly:

Create a hearth.Fireplaces are indelibly romantic. There’s something about watching flames flicker that makes people feel relaxed and open. Placing a fireplace in your bedroom (and anywhere else you like to spend time) is a natural way to encourage love through your home plans.

Spice up the kitchen.Many couples enjoy cooking together, and who can blame them? There’s something incredibly sensual about concocting a delectable meal with your sweetheart. If you and your darling are romantic gourmands, be sure to include a luxurious kitchen in your house plans.

Romeo, oh Romeo: The romance of balconies.Imagine this: You’ve had another tough day at work. The moment you walk through the door, your lover hands you a glass of wine and leads you to the balcony, where you two can catch up or simply enjoy the breathtaking view in comfortable silence. This little vignette shows the power of balconies to up the romance factor in any set of floor plans.

3. Romantic Architectural Styles

Let’s face it: Some architectural styles are more romantic than others. Sure, a sleek, smooth, modern approach may score you points among design aficionados, but it probably won’t get your partner’s engine going, so to speak. A look at romantic design styles:

French Country is a perpetually romantic design style. There’s something about being surrounded by all those floral patterns and bright colors that makes a person more open to romance. The French “chateau” style tends to pair balconies with stucco, brick or stone exteriors.

Tudor is an excellent style for those who want to encourage a fairy-tale romance. Steep roof gables and a mixture of exterior materials contribute to the sense that you’re stepping into the pages of a romance novel.

Mediterranean floor plans naturally inspire romance. This design mode, imported from sunny Spain and Italy, includes terra cotta tiles, natural wood floors, balconies with wrought iron detailing, and adobe walls.

Once your house plans have become a reality, don’t forget to decorate for romance! Feng shui teaches that mirrors, candles and fresh flowers are excellent décor elements to encourage love.

Note: The home shown above is The Franciscan House Plan 2440.