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Building for a Specific Location: A Lake House

When you think of a lake house, what kinds of images come to mind? Many people think of lake houses as run-down shacks, or luxurious estates. The truth is, your lake house does not have to fit either of these stereotypes. It can simply be a well-designed, modestly sized home that takes advantage of the lovely view of the water. Here are a few ways to make sure your custom home plans are well-suited for the lakefront, whether you're building a large and luxurious home, or a more moderately sized family dwelling.

Taking Landscape Elements into Consideration

Many lakefront properties feature hills and slopes. You'll need to take these into careful consideration when designing your custom home plans. Perhaps a split-level home would fit your landscape nicely, or maybe you'll want to choose a design that can be nestled into a smaller, flat area between two hills so as not to interfere with the natural look of the landscape.

Emphasizing the View

The focal point of your lakefront home should be, of course, the lovely view of the lake that it offers. There are several great ways to emphasize the view through your design. You could include a large, wrap-around porch in your design, and use it to host lovely outdoor picnics with a view of the lake. Another way to emphasize the lake view is to include plenty of windows in your design. A picture window in the great room or living room, or even a wall built entirely of glass, will allow you to enjoy the lake even when you're inside your home. Make sure that you place your home appropriately on the land so that the view of the lake is not inhibited. For example, if you have a hill on your property, locating the house on top of the hill will let you look out onto the water.

Adapting Your Floor Plan for Lakefront Living

You'll probably be engaging in lake-related activities since you live so close to this beautiful body of water. A few design elements to include in your design are:

  • A mudroom where you can take off sandy clothing
  • A bathroom that's accessible from the outdoors or garage, so you can easily clean up after a day on the beach.

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