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A Look at Home Designs: Storybook House Plans

For homeowners who want to bring a touch of magic into their lives, storybook house plans such as the Terrebonne can make their childhood dreams come true. Storybook home plans begin with an essentially cottage-styled home, adding unique and charming elements such as stucco walls, delightful balconies and other whimsical touches. The result is a house that looks like it came straight out of the pages of a storybook.

Storybook house plans work especially well in settings that are surrounded by nature, where the fanciful home can blend into a picturesque view. The following is a look at the history and elements of these imaginative homes.

History and Design of Storybook House Plans

Cottage homes, or storybook house plans, became popular back in 1842, when Andrew Jackson built these homes and filled them with character. Featuring Gothic Revival architecture, most storybook home plans are asymmetrical, with extra design elements such as shingles, stucco walls, balconies, bay windows and wavy or gable roofs.

Other details popular in storybook home plans include French and English cottage influences, such as traditional Tudor elements and features such as slate roofs, stained glass and oak timber cladding. Many homeowners fall in love with the romantic detailing on storybook house plans.

Why Select Storybook Home Plans?

Storybook house plans are made to be cozy and inviting, perfect for a small family with occasional guests. Many storybook-style homes are built as one-story cabins or used as vacation homes. These charming abodes are ideally situated near rivers or lakes but work perfectly well in the suburbs, too.

These homes are built to be extremely durable, with hardy materials such as stone, copper, stucco and brick, making it easy to take care of your storybook home.

Note: The home shown above is The Kent House Plan 2392.


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