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As the Housing Market Improves, Is It Better to Buy a Home or Build a Home Plan?

For a little more than a year, most United States markets have seen rising home prices. This is spurring some people to buy now, betting that today’s prices will continue to rise, adding value to their investment down the road. Trust in the American housing market seems to be rising as well, with 60% of Americans citing homeownership as one of the best long-term investments, according to a survey from the San Francisco Company. Just two years ago, only 47% put homeownership in that category.

Once a family has decided to acquire a new home, a new dilemma arises: whether to buy a previously owned home, or build an entirely new home from custom or pre-designed house plans. Today, we’re promoting the latter option, based on the advantages listed below.

Benefits of Choosing Your Own Home Plans, Over Buying a Previously Owned Home

1. Everything is newwhen you build a new home. No repairs will be required and you won’t have to worry about lurking issues that could be quite costly to fix later. For instance, many older homes lack proper wiring for our modern dependence on electronics. When you build a new home from a custom or pre-designed home plan, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your entire home is in exceptional working order. Bonus: Many new homes come complete with a 10-year warranty covering repairs.

2. A more modern floor plan layoutmeans that your new home will perfectly suit your family. Especially if you choose custom home design services, the floor plan will be exactly as you want it. No strange nooks or useless cabinets. No awkward or dysfunctional parts of your home, inherited from previous owners.  This kind of personalization makes for an extremely comforting, peaceful home.

3. Superior energy efficiency is yours with a new home, since building materials (including insulation) are more advanced today than they were when older homes were built. Your energy bills will typically be lower with a new home—and you’ll get to enjoy new appliances to boot!

If you know what you want in a new home, custom home design is the way to go. Our custom home design services can make your dream home a reality. From vaulted ceilings to open floor plans to built-in storage, we can incorporate nearly any design elements in new custom home plans. For those who already have a building location, we can create homes that maximize the enjoyment of surrounding landscapes. Contact us today to learn more about our custom design services. When you get in touch, we’ll also be happy to explain how we can modify an existing house plan to your preferences.

Note: The home shown above is The Campbell House Plan 2369.