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Finding Versatile Home Plans that Adapt to Your Needs

These days, versatile house plans are in greater demand than ever before. The post-war approach – each nuclear family in its own home with 2.7 kids and a dog – is quickly being replaced with a more flexible way of living. More and more families are living with aging parents and so-called “boomerang” adult children. Increasing numbers of homeowners would like to stay in the same house while they grow old. And the unpredictable economic landscape requires elasticity in home arrangements. For these purposes, designers are creating multigenerational home plans that are equally comfortable for all ages.

At the same time, custom large and small house plans are gaining popularity among homeowners. Choosing your own custom house plan and then building the home of your dreams provides many advantages over finding an existing home plan that may or may not contain the features you and your family desire. However, buying your home plans first means you could confront construction challenges upon choosing a lot. Versatile house plans that may be placed on lots of various sizes and topographies are ideal in this circumstance.

Characteristics of House Plans that Can Fit on Many Different Lots

Exterior decks that can be changed to suit the topography. It is much easier to change the height of your deck supports than it is to alter the elevations of interior spaces.

Small-footprint homes. A sprawling home will demand more preconstruction leveling and foundation work, while small house plans can fit nearly anywhere. Another thing to remember about small house plans: You can always add on more space later. Interior and exterior additions can be added once you’ve had a chance to live on the lot and observe water flow patterns.

Daylight half or full basements. House plans that include optional daylight basements are more versatile because they may be placed on sloped lots.

Characteristics of Plans that Can Be Adapted to Changing Lifestyles

Open floor plans. An open floor planmay be easily modified according to current space needs. Need more office space? Add a desk in the open living room. Want a large open space for that social gathering? Just move the furniture out of the way. Walls cut off possibilities; open floor plans open up options, and are therefore a standby feature in versatile house plans.

Pre-defined flexible spaces. Unfinished spaces and preplanned additions can allow families to buy small house plans now and easily add more livable space later.

Built-in storage. Built-ins help keep even small house plans clutter free, especially when a new member is added to the household.Look for large closets, built-in bookcases and walk-in pantries.

Comfortable, inviting kitchen. For most modern families, the kitchen is the hub of the home. Favor home plans that include a comfortable kitchen with views of other shared living spaces, such as the living room or dining room.

Master suite, bath and another bedroom on main level. Single-story designs are ideal for those who hope to age in place. At minimum, multigenerational house plans should have two bedrooms and a bathroom on the main floor.

As families crave more versatile house plans, designers are stepping up with innovative design elements such as those listed above. These features will help your family stay comfortable no matter what changes come your way.

Note: The home shown above is The Laurel House Plan 22139.