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Contemporary House Plans at One with Nature

When imagining a home set in a natural landscape, a lodge or ranch architectural style may spring to mind. But more and more contemporary house plans are being built in natural settings. The contrast between the stark geometry of a modern-style home and the soft lines of nature appeals to many designers and homebuyers.

If you’re considering placing a set of contemporary home plans in a natural setting, we offer the following recommendations on how to do so:

Interesting Material Choices. For instance, you could pair concrete panels with tropical Iap siding. The contrast between contemporary styling and natural setting is amplified by such material partnerships. For a Frank Lloyd Wright-esque twist, incorporate natural materials culled from local areas.

Expansive Windows Overlooking Breathtaking Views. The comforts of a contemporary home are made even sweeter with plenty of visual connections to surrounding natural beauty. Home plans may feature large second-story windows for a connection to treetops. Or, walls of windows can connect the viewer to surrounding mountaintops and water features. The Neskowin Beach House (shown above) custom home design by Alan Mascord Design Associates exemplifies this connection to nature.

Conversation with Nearby Natural Elements. With the right design choices, a contemporary home can add to its surroundings, just like the Yamane Residence contemporary house plan. For instance, the diverging wings of a home could mimic the branches of a central tree. Or, a home may feature large windows and a light stone exterior to complement the wide-open sky of the seaside.

If you already own the property where your contemporary-style home plans will be built, we recommend working with designers to create a custom home build exactly for that plot of land. Our custom home design services are the perfect solution—or our designers can modify an existing house plan to suit your needs.